Carousel Software is located in Spokane, Washington, with an office near Boise, Idaho. Carousel Software created and fully supports this product in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.

We will set up your system at your dealership. After that, we will provide technical support by phone or remote access using the Teamviewer help desk product. We do not charge for this support.

We will program the forms that you acquire for your dealership, including changes to these forms over time, for no charge. You can also build your own forms with our tools.

We currently have clients all over the Airway Heights, Spokane, Post Falls, Coeur d’ Alene and Hayden areas. We are also in Sandpoint, Lewiston, Worley, Boise, Moses Lake, and Yakima. We can support clients anywhere in Eastern Washington (East of the Cascades) and Northern Idaho.

We use only Microsoft programming tools, and Microsoft databases. We run only on Microsoft Windows platforms.

What Carousel Software can do for you . . .

1) Inventory

  • Track Inventory costs
  • Track unlimited reconditioning bills
  • Allows for variable pack amounts
  • Look up vehicle by Stock #, Year, color, Make, Model and more
  • Track flooring amounts and fees
  • Salesman’s version shows no sensitive cost figures

2) Deal

  • Create multiple pending deals per car
  • Calculate sales tax for multiple states
  • Sales tax on Warranties in WA
  • Sales tax on Doc Fee in Idaho
  • Figure license fees in Wa
  • Commissions on two sales, one F&I person
  • Calculates numbers for loans
  • We program all the forms you need at NO additional cost
  • Certain forms can be scanned and printed to a laser printer.
  • Fill in the E-Temp data on the web for Wa

3) Quick Quote

  • Get Deal numbers in a FLASH
  • Deal Calculator . . .
  • Figure ANY “out the door” price
  • Easily figure price for specific payment
  • Calculate term of loan to achieve exact monthly payment amount

4) Buy Here Pay Here

  • Track payments on all in-house contracts
  • Print individual Payment Books
  • Print past due Reports
  • Print past due Notices
  • Print payment Receipts
  • Calculates principle & interest

5) Administration

  • Customized reports available
  • Passworded
  • Over 100 reports and spreadsheet generators already available
  • Wa B&O and Sales Tax
  • Tools to unwind a deal, rename a stock number
  • export data to Quickbooks


We provide a Dealer Management System for Small Used Car Dealerships
in the Eastern Washington and North Idaho areas.
Our product :

  • Keeps a complete inventory of your stock.
  • Keeps track of reconditioning and other expenses per car.
  • Track where you got the car, and who you sold it to.
  • Track several different possible deals on a particular car.
  • Calculate loan and all other financial details.
  • Track all the income and expenses for a car deal.
  • Track Salesman commissions and Dealer profit.
  • Track Washington State B&O Tax, Idaho state taxes.
  • Fill in the Blanks on legal and loan documents involved in selling a car.
  • Export all this data into the Quickbooks ® Accounting Package.
  • Maintain a history of completed deals and previous customers.
  • Provide detailed reports on completed deals and current inventory.
  • Provide query capability against data in our database.
  • QuickQuote system, for doing a quick quote for a car deal.
  • Track Buy Here/Pay Here payments.

No dealership is too small!

We do all your set up of the program at your site. We train your personnel to use our system.
We can provide and set up your hard copy printer. We make sure all your forms work on your printers.
We will program any of your forms not already in our database.
CarouselCars will run on Windows 2000, XP, Vista,7,8 and 10. It works on your local network.
We can support you because We Wrote the Software!

For More Information

Please view our brochures (in PDF format)

Overveiw of our Company
A six page description of how to do a deal with our system
Quick Start of all the major programs in our system

Prices and Licensing

Pricing for our product
My non lawyer description of the licenses
Software License -- the Lawyer written thing, part 1
Modifications to the License part 1
Service Agreement -- Part 2 of the Lawyer written license stuff


The video link here will give you a very quick overview of the full Carousel system.
(A 2 hour presentation has been compressed down to 19 minutes...)
Overview [19:15]

There are (or will be) videos on individual functions and elements of the system.
This is a work in progress, but some videos do now exist.
To see the list of these videos,
please go to the Existing Client page of this web site.

Call us at 509 926-8848
or email us at DEMATTIA(at)ACM.ORG